gke External and Internal Chemical Indicators

Chemical Indicator steam internal Package monitoring indicators are used inside packs to monitor all relevant parameters of steam sterilization processes. This type of indicators should only be used if solid and porous goods are sterilized. Package moni-toring indicators only provide sterility information at the position inside the chamber where they are located. The application inside of packs is absolutely necessary, if sterilization processes without forced air removal are used and a BDS-Test or a Process Monitoring System cannot be used. All steam indicators fulfil the re-quirements of type 4, 5 or 6 indicators according to the European Standard EN ISO 11140-1. Indicator internal EO Strip level 4 is used in ethylene oxide sterilization processes to monitor the efficiency of EO-gas in each batch. It complies with the type test described in the European standard EN 1422, annex F, for air removal and ethylene oxide
Indicator internal Hydrogen Peroxide level 4 is used in hydrogen  peroxide sterilization processes to monitor the efficiency of VH2O2 in each batch. No cellulose carriers (paper) should be used for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes as cellulose decomposes H2O2 into oxygen and water. Therefore a plastic carrier is used