gke STERI-RECORD Documentation System

Alpha Numeric Hand Labeler

  • Providing 3 lines of 12 choice alphanumeric character to print alphabet and/or number.
  • First line is used to alphabet and/or number for operator code, packaging, sterilizer, etc.
  • Second and third line can be used for documented production and expired date
3-line single self-adhesive documentation labels

  • Easy print of identical labels with minimum time and effort
  • Eliminates mistakes in batch numbers
  • Easy trace back system without additional effort
  • The self-adhesive label offers patient-related documentation without additional paperwork
  • Innovative product design and manufacturing process provides a cost-effective indicator
  • Easy interpretation of the results due to precise colour change
  • No need for additional process indicators using for labels with indicator
  • The expiry date can be marked using different background label colours
  • Less time wasted in the CSSD- and/or OR department
  • The label contains a specified class 1 chemical indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1
  • Environmentally friendly, can be disposed with normal garbage
  • Can be a documented proof for several years without changing back to its original colour